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[/news/sweden/index.html Sweden]'s top virus expert has said the 'world went mad' with [/news/coronavirus/index.html coronavirus] lockdowns which 'fly in the face of what is known about handling virus pandemics'.
Anders Tegnell, who advised Sweden to avoid full lockdown in favour of a 'herd immunity' strategy, said world leaders caved to political pressure amid panic - and that the crippling economic downsides of lockdown will far outweigh the benefits.
Sweden has confirmed 68,390 cases of coronavirus and 5,230 deaths - far above its Nordic neighbours, but its economy is intact and actually posted slight growth in the first quarter of this year. 
Tegnell also hit out at the WHO after it placed Sweden on a list of 11 countries seeing a 'dangerous resurgence' in the virus, saying it had 'totally misinterpreted' the data.
He said a 'surge' in cases over the last week is actually the result of more testing, du lịch ba li meaning mild cases that previously went undetected are now being counted.
Southern US states, Brazil and du lịch ba li India are also seeing soaring case numbers currently - which leaders in those countries have also blamed on increased testing. 
Tegnell pointed to a steady fall in deaths, hospital admissions and ICU admissions as evidence that Sweden's outbreak is actually retreating, not getting worse.
Sweden has seen seen its daily coronavirus case totals spike in recent weeks, leading the WHO to warn it is seeing a 'resurgence' of the disease
But the country's virus expert Anders Tegnell said the WHO had 'totally misinterpreted' the data, saying the 'spike' is down to improved testing and pointing to falling deaths as evidence
Deaths vs death rate per million: This graph shows the total number of coronavirus deaths in the country along the vertical axis, with the USA at the top, versus the number of deaths per million along the bottom axis, with Belgium the worst-hit and Sweden in fifth 
Sweden has come under fire for its strategy because it has one of the highest death rates per million anywhere in the world, though is still behind Belgium, the UK, Spain and Italy - all of which went into full lockdown
These are the 11 European countries that the WHO warns are experiencing a 'resurgence', with Sweden recording the second-highest case total today
It comes after WHO Europe director Hans Henri Kluge warned in a press conference on Thursday of 11 European countries were at risk of seeing their healthcare systems overwhelmed by a surge in infections.
<div class="art-ins mol-factbox floatRHS news" data-version="2" id="mol-38de3070-b79f-11ea-928b-ed1ddd852b4c" website world went crazy' with lockdowns, says Swedish coronavirus expert